PAU Members

The members of PAU form the activities of the association in accordance with the PAU statutes

Number Company name Category Термін Contacts
FC190801 AGRICA UKRAINE Fumigation company 2020-08-01
FC190301 GREENCO LTD Fumigation company 2020-09-01
FC190101 UKRMORTRANSSERVICE Fumigation company 2020-12-01
FC190601 FUMICOM UKRAINE Fumigation company 2020-06-01
FC190102 NIKA-TEP Fumigation company 2020-12-01 Tel.: +380631768099, e-mail:
FC190103 V.E.T.A. Fumigation company 2020-12-01
FC190701 COLFUM-INVEST Fumigation company 2020-07-01
FC190303 FIRST FUMIGATION COMPANY Fumigation company 2020-03-01
FC190901 MARTLET Fumigation company 2020-08-01
FC190302 PRO-TEC LTD Fumigation company 2020-03-01
SC190602 SGS UKRAINE Inspection company 2020-06-01
SC190603 BALTIC CONTROL UKRAINE Inspection company 2020-06-01
SC190501 COTECNA UKRAINE Inspection company 2020-05-01
SC191001 INSPECTORATE UKRAINE Inspection company 2020-12-01
SC191201 SOJAM UKRAINE Inspection company 2020-12-01

How to Become a Member of PAU

Members of the FAA can be companies whose activities are related to the field of plant protection and products of plant origin from harmful plants and organisms, or to the improvement of the environment.