About PAU

Noticeable climate change, a certain decrease in crop cultivation, as well as not always careful management, in particular the lack of the necessary set of measures to combat pests, diseases and weeds, in recent years, increasingly affect the phytosanitary condition of crops in Ukraine. And this is unacceptable for the country, which is rapidly increasing the volume of exports of agricultural products, securing the status of an agricultural.

The Phytosanitary Association of Ukraine was established in 2016 with the purpose of providing constant information support and lobbying the interests of market participants, as well as the creation and implementation of modern approaches for the provision of services in the field of phytosanitary control.

PAU – a contractual Association of legal entities, which is not a business entity or enterprise, and is a non-profit, non-profit and self-regulatory organization that is voluntary for admission.

One of the main missions of the Association is to establish a permanent and productive dialogue between representatives of agricultural business and government.


  • formation of competitive market of phytosanitary services in Ukraine
  • cooperation with public authorities
  • participation in the development of the regulatory framework
  • representation of the interests of the Association members in the authorities

Participant of association

In a very short time of activity PAU has become the largest Association of companies in Ukraine that provide services for disinfection and inspection, as well as conduct laboratory studies of agricultural products. As of 2019, the share of companies-members of the Association in the market of cargo disinfection services in Ukraine is 60%, and inspection and laboratory research-75%.

It is important to know!

On certification

In order to implement international best practices, the PAU has developed a Code of practice for stationary and transit fumigation. That is why a company wishing to obtain a certificate must comply with the requirements of the Code of practice and the current legislation of Ukraine. The audit is carried out by an independent international organization.

Regarding the operator registry

To improve the skills of employees of companies providing decontamination services, PAU experts have developed a training course. It is designed for two categories of employees: operators (work managers), for whom training lasts 5 days, and operator assistants (persons working under the supervision of a certified operator), who study for 3 days.

After completing the course, the employee must successfully pass the exams to obtain the appropriate certificate. Each certificate is marked with a QR code, scanning which opens access to the official Register of the PAU, which allows you to confirm its authenticity and validity.